Elevated dishwasher (7/7)

How to include an elevated dishwasher into an Ikea kitchen.

  1. Introduction
  2. Design and constraints
  3. Heights and support beams
  4. Materials
  5. Construction
  6. Installation on-site
  7. Downloads and photos

This is the final part, 7.

Final remarks

If the Tower is part of a kitchen where it is standing next to (an)other tall cabinet(s), things get simplied a bit:

  • If the tower is standing between the wall and a tall cabinet, the third (hidden) support beam can be left out, removing a relatively complex part of the construction.

  • If the tower is standing between the countertop and a tall cabinet, the two support beams against the side wall (to the right, in our construction) can be left out.

  • If the tower is surrounded by a tall cabinet on either side, all support beams can be left out.

In both cases, the Tower’s top cabinet can be fixed to the neighbouring tall cabinet(s) with several screws, instead of to the removed support beam(s). It might be a good idea to keep the side cover panels on each side of the tower, so that there is more material to hold the screws that hold up its top cabinet.

Concerning the third (hidden) support beam: you can probably get away with using a 5×5 cm beam. That way, the sections of this beam that need cutting away can be greatly reduced – only the section for the dishwasher remains, as the beam is already thin enough to fit behind the drawer rails and the steam oven.


The Sketchup file is available for download here: construction.skp

More photos

Here are some additional photos:

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