Elevated dishwasher (4/7)

How to include an elevated dishwasher into an Ikea kitchen.

  1. Introduction
  2. Design and constraints
  3. Heights and support beams
  4. Materials
  5. Construction
  6. Installation on-site
  7. Downloads and photos

This is part 4.


The following materials were used for the construction of the Tower:

  • From Ikea: a tall refrigerator cabinet, 60×60×200 cm. We chose this one with article number 902.135.68, which comes with 2 distinct shelves:

  • From Ikea: a small kitchen cabinet, 20×60×80 cm, with article number 302.125.62: We keep only the side panels of this cabinet; after cutting them to size, they form the top panels of the cabinets in the Tower.
    Alternatively, buy the cabinet 090.072.81; it’s more expensive, but the side panels are already the right size. You might actually be able to buy this article without legs, door, and shelves.

  • From Ikea: a 60×60 cm maximera drawer. A high one (article number 902.046.39) just fits into the bottom cabinet.

  • From Ikea: 60 cm wide front covers for the drawer, the dishwasher, and the storage space. The drawer cover is 40 cm tall, for the others we’ll need to shorten 80 cm tall door fronts. For our kitchen, the style is Veddinge white, which means we need 302.054.39 (once) and 202.054.30 (twice)

  • From Ikea: 3 side cover panels, 62×220 cm. The Förbättra white ones (902.978.84) are matching our kitchen’s style.

  • From Ikea: the appliances.

    • Dishwasher Välgjord (discontinued). There is a successor, but I don’t know its name. Any standard-size 60 cm wide dishwasher can be used, as long as it has a (removable, shortenable) front cover. Important aspects are the size of the door and the location of its hinge point – see section “Heights” – and its depth – see section “Support beams”. Both sections are found on the previous page.

    • Steam oven Kulinarisk, 303.009.12. Any other built-in oven can be used; just make sure you check the depth; see section “Support beams”, above.

    • Microwave Framtid 903.033.90, though it could be any built-in 60 cm wide microwave. It’s also possible to leave out this appliance; note that it’ll be pretty high up.

  • From the hardware store: 4 metal right angled brackets, about 5 cm on each side.

  • From the hardware store: a wooden panel of 45 by 65-70 cm, about a cm strong. This is fixed to the underside of the bottom cabinet, to carry the weight of the side covers.

  • From the hardware store: 3 wooden beams, 5×7×275 cm.

  • From the hardware store: 4 wooden beams, 83 cm long and several cm × several cm thick, as well as eight 59 cm long laths. These can be scrap wood and won’t be present in the final Tower.

  • From the hardware store: plugs and screws to fix the beams to the wall, as well as a range of wood screws of various sizes, lengths and strengths.

  • From elsewhere (amazon?): legs for the cabinets. As noted, we have 15 cm legs under all our cabinets. Make sure the leg lengths are adjustable and can be shortened by at least 2 cm.

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