Elevated dishwasher

We wanted an Ikea kitchen. We also wanted to have a dishwasher at an elevation, i.e., not under the countertop, but rather integrated in a tall cabinet tower. As Ikea does not offer this, I’ve had to come up with a solution, which I’m sharing here in case someone would like to do the same.


  1. Introduction
  2. Design and constraints
  3. Heights and support beams
  4. Materials
  5. Construction
  6. Installation on-site
  7. Downloads and photos

This is the first part.


Here you see the finished product, with the dishwasher door opening flat at about 55 cm from the floor.

The finished product.

As long as you don’t forget to think for yourself, this guide should help you build this too – even if you might not want to duplicate this exact design and reduce the total height, use other or less appliances, and/or a different length for the legs.

Signpost: if you’re interested in the reasoning and calculations behind this project, follow the link below to start with the part about the design. If you’re only interested in how to build this exact tower, feel free to skip ahead to the list of materials. A download for the design file (in Sketchup) is found on the final page, at downloads and photos.

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